Know Before You Arrive....

As the Arbutus Inn begins to reopen after June 19th 2020 there are some changes we have made at the hotel that would be good to know before you arrive to check in.

To help stop the spread of Covid 19 we have made in some changes in the way you check into the hotel and changes in our housekeeping practices and policies.

When you enter the hotel you will see that we have added Plexiglas at the front desk as well as indication marks on the floor to help keep with social distancing practices. There will be hand sanitizer for your use at the front desk.  We will try and get you checked in as quickly as we can.  So please have your picture identification and credit card ready when you check in.  Guests may be asked questions at check in such as if you have been out of the country in the last 14 days and if anyone in your group has a fever or other possible symptoms of Covid 19.  Your temperature of everyone in your room may be taken as well.

We have added social distancing signs in the lobby, on the front doors and as a reminder on each floor of the hotel.

Behind the scenes we have upped our cleaning practices with continued cleaning and sanitizing key touching points throughout the hotel.

In our guest rooms thorough cleaning protocols have been implemented for each room.  Guest rooms will not be entered by staff during your stay unless requested for maintenance issues.  Guest rooms will be vacant for three hours to one day before being cleaned after a guest has checked out.  Items not necessary will be removed from your room such as decorative items, bed scarves and any promotional materials.  Key touching point items in all rooms will have been cleaned and sanitized prior to you being checked in such as door knobs, tv remote, telephone, desk surfaces etc.. There will be no housekeeping services to your room during your stay however you can replenish towels, coffee etc by contacting the front desk.  Most things will be available at the front desk if not they will be put into a plastic bag and hung on your room door.

Hotel employees will be following strict guidelines, including using personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing protocols, and housekeepers/laundry staff will wear both gloves and mask. The employee work stations will be cleaned and disinfected after every shift.  All employees will be empowered to stay home if they are unwell or communicate they may have been exposed to Covid-19 with hotel management.  

The hotel will continue to provide a safe place for our guests, our staff and adjust procedures as required by guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, Health Canada and the Occupational Safety Health Administration.